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IRC games of D&D

G'day, we're looking for players and DM's who are willing to play campaigns long term on IRC.

We're located on Austnet in #d&d.

We have a snazzy program created by one of our own DM's called "Combat Assistant", used to track combat details. It's simple and incredibly effective, designed not to be bloated like most D&D programs are. Using this for combat and using quotes to determine the difference between OOC talking and in-character talking, playing on IRC actually feels like a better experience than playing on pen and paper.

Character sheets, and Combat Assistant, are held and uploaded onto Take a look around.

We use text file character sheets - keep it simple, stupid. We have a template that you can use, or you're free to create one yourself as long as the DM is happy with it.

If you're at all curious, at least come in and say hi, and feel free to watch a game. We're based in Australia, but everyone's welcome. Come in (even if you're idling) to catch what goes on.

Our current campaigns generally play weekly on Friday nights and/or weekends. It's highly recommended you check out one of our games to see what happens, and you'll be able to sample what Combat Assistant looks like during a game as well.

If you have any questions, either come into the channel or leave a comment, or both.

Seriously, check it out: D&D on IRC.
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