unquietsoul5 (unquietsoul5) wrote in gms_workshop,

Thank You For Box Feedback

I wanted to thank everyone who participated in the discussion of "The Box" in game design, no matter which side (if any) that you found yourself in the discussion. I got some interesting responses and feedback on the subject and some food for thought to approach some of my current design ideas.

I've also been given some insight into a couple of systems that I am not that familiar with that I now need to go and investigate on my own.

I am also glad that, in many cases, this discussion sequence has breathed some life into otherwise dead quiet Live Journal communities. I hope that maybe folks here, now that they are actually talking and discussing things with each other, might continue to do so on other subjects. There's nothing so useless as a community where no one posts or comments to others.

I'm sorry that a few folks took my initial post as antagonistic - I know I came off a bit high handed on my own opinion, and I maybe should have toned my words a bit differently. But I also suspect that if I had I would have had a lot fewer, if any, responses. Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets paid attention more than one that simply runs along quietly.

(If you look back a bit you should see I have made posts in recent months that pretty much went without notice, or very little commentary, which were worded in short simplistic ways).

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