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How Many Dice Are Too Many To Roll in a Pool system?

So the concept of dice pools has been hanging over my head in recent weeks, in part because I'm now playing in a short Shadowrun campaign, and a few months ago I was doing a short demo game (which failed to materialize) of 'Hollow Earth Expeditions'. Both are Dice pool based game mechanics.

Anyway, I really like the dice pool system used in HEX as it is the simplest I've seen, dice are rolled and all you have to note is if they come up odd or even. Even dice count as 'hits' towards success, Odd dice don't. Which dice you use is up to the GM or player, since the number of sides is immaterial to the results.

But, I've noticed in playing shadowrun that the number of dice one may comfortably roll at once could be a problem in a large pool game. It's not impossible to have 10, 15, 20 or more dice being rolled and checked at once.

I've seen this in other non-pool games as being a problem, such as Hero, but that's because you have to total the dice in many cases, and in some cases do so two different ways.

So, the question is, when does it become too many dice for the average player to want to deal with? What does the line best get drawn? And what scales are best for dice pools because of this?

What do you feel is best for you? What would drive you away as a player or GM (or does anything) when it comes to dice pools?

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