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Want To Offer Ideas : Magic Energy Recovery System

Ok, I'm working on the 5th Age Worlds game design. It has a spell point based magic skill system where folks are initiated in various paths of magic based on the major arcana of the tarot.

What I'm looking for is ways that characters will gain/recover magic points thru actions. I have a few but Ideally each pHath would have it's own recovery system (sort of like the recoveries used in Unknown Armies but in a Middle Ages to Renaissance kind of setting).

So a few that I have is:

  • Meditation In a Specific Location Or Time Period
  • Performance In Front of an Audience
  • Ritual Bath
  • Sexual Activity
  • Specific Ritual During A Thunderstorm
  • Traveling Along a Road (for the Chariot.... earning back a point per hour of travel)

So... anyone want to offer a few more ideas? They should be generally things that can be done in an hour or less, but would have obvious energy significance in a magic world.

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