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Number Crunching : What's the probability?

So, my favorite person to turn to do probability calculations on dice is currently immeshed in the depths of Tax Season (she works for a CPA and is dealing with getting various Tax reports, forms and filings prepared 6 days a week).

After my recent poll on game randomizers and other practices I have been looking for some data on dice probabilties that I'm not finding out there. So I figured there was a chance someone here might be interested in the math challenge and offer me some data...

If you have the answers, and the inclination, please pass along answers to the following (I'm sure others will find them useful).

Probability Needs Set #1

When you have an attacker and then a defender die roll you have a bell curve created in the process. So, assuming this what are the probabilities for: Each side rolling 1d20, with higher being better, and the defender winning ties. What are the probabilities of the attacker winning on each roll involved.

Advanced Version : Same as Above, but when either side rolls a '20' the die becomes 'open' for them and they can re-roll the die. What are the probabilities.

Probabiliy Needs Set #2

Just like Set #2, but instead of a 1d20 plotting it with 2d10 for each roller (and the advanced version with the open die rule).

If anyone can point me to a site where this sort of thing is already calculated out by someone with the appropriate math skills, then feel free to just post up a link to it, as that would work just as well.

(I know, I don't ask the easy questions).

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